Operational Excellence

A commitment to Operational Excellence is key for CalaChem to achieve its business goals and drive our growth strategy forward.

Our Operational Excellence Programme will be rolled out to all functions across the site. It will take the form of improvement projects, changes to work areas to improve flow, waste removal, a variety of training courses, and the capture and implementation of the ideas that our employees have generated to improve the performance of the plant and their day to day working lives.

This desire to reduce complexity and increase efficiency will ensure we are more competitive in the market place.


What is Operational Excellence?

Our Operational Excellence Programme comprises of the following four areas:

Six Sigma

This is a specific approach to tackling complex problems with the aim of reducing variation in processes and obtaining a better level of control. Six Sigma follows what is known as a DMAIC structure (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) and is the focus of both the green belt and black belt courses.


This area looks to identify waste in operations and remove non value adding steps without compromising on safety, quality and productivity. Waste in a manufacturing environment can come in many forms and this will be highlighted during the yellow belt training courses.

Team Based Problem Solving

This provides a structured approach to identifying the root causes of issues in order to take the correct actions to prevent a re-occurrence. We have introduced a consistent approach to this across site in the form of the ”5 Whys” process. Our employees will be training on this approach and other tools aimed at identifying root causes.

“Just Do it” Approach

This provides a platform to introduce simple initiatives that can be easily implemented and offer quick improvements to peoples day to day working lives and the performance of the plant.