Continuous Improvement

At CalaChem we place a strong emphasis on the continuous improvement with the aim of delivering significant benefit to our customers.

We are continually reviewing the performance of the manufacturing processes which enables us to pinpoint areas where improvements can be made.

The case studies below demonstrate how we have applied our expertise and experience to improve manufacturing process performance.

Case Study – Improved Usage Rates

We received a technical package from a customer and sited the multistep process on to one of our plants. Once the manufacture was up and running we embarked on a continuous improvement programme in the laboratory. This resulted in the significant reduction of the usage rates of several key raw materials, saving a six figure sum per campaign for our customer.

Case Study РIncreased Batch Size

After several months of laboratory work by our Research and Development Group we were able to increase the batch size of a long established commercial manufacturing process by over 10%, thereby reducing the campaign length. This batch size increase was achieved without the requirement of any capital investment.