Waste Treatment Process

Our on-site Effluent Treatment Plant can handle 5000 m3 of aqueous waste per day.

The waste is treated using an Activated Sludge Treatment process:

  • The Activated Sludge Treatment process is contained in the Bio-treatment tanks which consist of two 5000 m3 Aeration Tanks and two 3000 m3 Final Clarifiers
  • Special acclimatised bacteria are held in suspension in the Aerators
  • The suspension is kept oxygenated using large volume blowers, which drive air into the system via fine bubble diffusers at the base of the Aeration Tanks
  • As effluent is fed in to the Aerators the bugs degrade the organic components
  • The system is “hydraulically full” i.e. as waste enters the Aerators at the base, treated effluent is forced from the top into the Final Clarifiers.
  • The Final Clarifiers are designed to return activated sludge back into the Aerators via a return line from the base of the Clarifier and allow clean effluent to discharge to the Estuary

For more information, please contact the Environmental Services team.