Modern apprenticeship programme

Working in partnership with Forth Valley College, CalaChem is proud to offer our well established Modern Apprenticeship programme which has led to significant number of apprentices securing full time employment.

Our Modern Apprenticeship Programme allows you to gain a qualification whilst in full time employment and earn a wage. We have a number of apprenticeships in a variety of disciplines across the CalaChem organisation such as:

  • Instrumentation
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Process

We are extremely passionate about investing in the younger generation and we are delighted we can continue to offer our support to the modern apprenticeship programme. At CalaChem we want to ensure our staff are being trained to the highest standard and ensure our young people start out their careers in the chemical industry with the relevant skills and knowledge they will need to be successful.

To date the apprenticeship programme has led to a significant number of apprentices securing full time employment and we want to continue this trend as we see the apprenticeship as the start of a career. A career at CalaChem will offer the opportunity to progress after the apprenticeship has been completed with further study and promotion through the company available. We currently have a number of our management team and two members of our senior management team who started out their careers as apprentices.

If you are interested in becoming a CalaChem apprentice, please apply via Forth Valley College. Applications will be open in November of each year.


Apprenticeship Testimonials

“CalaChem has given me the opportunity to become part of an amazing team and has helped me develop new and existing skills through onsite training in conjunction with Forth Valley College.

Throughout the apprenticeship both CalaChem and Forth Valley College has supported me throughout regardless of the issue.   In addition to this, they more than happy to support my continued development and my future prospects within the company.

As I progress through my apprenticeship, the exposure to various Managers and Tradesmen have been very beneficial in my development as an engineer.” – Alisdair Edmond, Modern Apprentice


“I am currently in the second year of my Process Technician apprenticeship with Calachem. The main attraction for me was getting hands on experience in the chemical manufacturing industry with a large company whilst gaining a qualification with Forth Valley College.

I chose Calachem’s apprenticeship scheme because I felt that they had the best structured programme for learning the role and I still feel the same. I enjoy all aspects of my job and am now on shift learning the different processes in more depth from experienced tradesmen. While learning on site the college work helps me understand the theory behind what I’m doing at work – such as a distillation, this means that when I am carrying out jobs on site I know what is happening depending on the operation.

I highly recommend an apprenticeship with Calachem as there are so many opportunities available; allowing me to get the most out of my apprenticeship and make plans for the future within the company.” – Ryan Crowe, Modern Apprentice


“I am currently half way through the first year of my apprenticeship in electrical engineering. I am attending Forth Valley College five days a week working towards my NC qualification.

The great thing about an apprenticeship is the balance of academic classes, workshop tasks and on site visits which all create an individual learning experience like no other. I chose to work for CalaChem as they are one of the leading chemical manufacturers in the UK, they are local to me and give back to projects in my community such as Jupiter Urban Wildlife Centre.

Throughout my apprenticeship CalaChem have been very supportive and have encouraged me to think about gaining a degree in engineering which is an excellent opportunity not many employers offer.” – Amy Hay, Modern Apprentice