CalaChem Invest in End of Pipe Odour Abatement System

15th June 2022

Odour Abatement System


Process Controls

CalaChem has a cross-functional team to review and assess operational and process controls at our Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to address odour issues. As a result of the initiatives they have introduced, there has been a marked reduction in odour from the plant, to help ensure further improvement we have explored odour abatement technologies


Odour Abatement System

Ultra-Violet (UV) photo-ionisation technology was considered the most promising solution for the treatment and control of the odorous compounds which may emanate from the ETP.

The photo-ionisation abatement technology consists of:

  • Odour compound bond destruction (UV light banks)
  • Absorption of released oxidants (carbon catalyst beds)

This project is a significant financial investment – in the region of £1.1 million – and demonstrates CalaChem’s commitment to addressing odour at the ETP.



The chosen odour abatement system is a bespoke design which includes two identical photo ionisation units in parallel with both units on line at one time. The two units are capable of processing the ETP gas prior to release through the stack. We will also install a new instrument in the stack to provide continuous odour detection measurement. The units will be used when there is a potential for odour levels that may cause a nuisance.


New Units Arrive at Site

Both units arrived at CalaChem on Monday 16 May 2022 and were safely offloaded via crane.

Install and Commissioning

Although the odour abatement units are on-site, there is a lot of preparatory work to be completed in relation to construction planning for the civil works and associated pipework, etc. The units will be installed and commissioned later this year.


Installation Updates

There is the potential for odour to be generated at certain points during the installation and commissioning of the odour abatement units. We would be grateful of your patience at these times to allow this essential work to proceed.

We will share details of the dates and times on our website so please check regularly for more detail going forwards.