CalaChem Fundraising in 2017

4th January 2018

In 2017 Neil Partlett, Managing Director at CalaChem came up with the idea of setting up a fundraising team. The team was set up with members of staff volunteering their own time with the main objective being to raise money for a local charity that helps and supports individuals within our community.

We heard Maggie’s was due to open a centre at Forth Valley Royal Hospital and felt this was the perfect way for us to support a new charity in the area. The Maggie’s Centre opened on Wednesday 15th March 2017 and from then until the end of the year we carried out various fundraising activities.

The team started to get together on a regular basis and we decided to get the best from our events we would spread them out throughout the year and try to where possible avoid busy holiday periods.

Throughout the year the events we held were:

  • Cake Sale
  • Car Wash
  • Photography Competition
  • Christmas Cake Sale & Raffle

The response to each event was fantastic, we couldn’t have predicted how much everyone would get involved to help with events or suggest ideas for us to do. There was a real feeling of team spirit at each event with everyone coming together to help out.

The photography competition was a really exciting one as it was sponsored by the SGE Hotel Group. The Leapark hotel in Grangemouth is part of the SGE Hotel Group and they heard about the competition as one of our apprenticeship students works there part time and they offered to support us with the winner of the competition being awarded with an overnight stay including breakfast at one of the hotels within the SGE group. A fantastic prize. We would like to say thank you to The SGE Hotel Group for sponsoring our photography competition and donating such a wonderful prize to our winner.

When our Christmas event was completed the Fundraising Team got together to do a final count on what we raised throughout the year. We were absolutely delighted to discover the total that was raised.

We spoke to the CalaChem Senior Management Team who very kindly offered to add more money to our total by doubling what we had raised.

This took our 2017 fundraising total to a very impressive £3,004. Maggie’s have been informed and we will be visiting the Forth Valley Centre in the new year to pass over the cheque.

Keep an eye out for that update!