CalaChem Visit Maggie’s Forth Valley

8th January 2018

In 2017 we spent the year fundraising for Maggie’s, you can read what we got up to here and in January the Fundraising Team along with Managing Director Neil Partlett visited the Maggie’s Centre at Forth Valley to hand over our donation.

While at the centre we were greeted by their fundraising team of Gayle Cobain and Cristina Pouso. Gayle gave us a tour of the facility and explained what each room was used for. The centre has an instant warm welcome feeling and each room is decorated so appropriately with bright warm colours and modern furniture to match or soothing colours with relaxing furniture.One of the big features of the centre is the large kitchen table which Maggie’s encourage its users to gather around. There is enough room for 10-15 people at the table so plenty of space for a large group conversation or for people to have their own chats, share experiences and support each other.

CalaChem would like to say thank you to everyone who supported our fundraising throughout 2017.