CalaChem Photography Competition

10th October 2017

After some consideration we decided we would try and have an internal CalaChem Photography Competition. We would ask people who wanted to entry to pay a fee and then a winner would be selected by the staff and a prize given for the winning entry.

This event was different from the ones we have had previously as there was a prize up for grabs rather than asking people to part with their money for something in return however the response to the competition was just as good as the other events we’d had.

We started researching what would be a good prize for the winner and to our surprise we were informed that the SGE Hotel Group (link to SGE Hotels) were going to sponsor our event and donate the prize for the winner. The prize they donated was an overnight stay in one of the hotels on their chain which included breakfast the following morning. A fantastic prize for anyone to win.

SGE Hotels heard about our competition as one of our apprenticeship students still works for the hotel group part time. He works in the Leapark Hotel in Grangemouth and happened to be chatting to his manager about the competition when he was then told that they would donate the prize for us. We were absolutely delighted to hear the news and shows CalaChem’s continued connection with local businesses and the local community.

The news of the prize has been communicated internally and the entries are flooding in. The closing date is December. Check back in then to find out who won and see the winning entry.

We would like to say thank you to our Modern Apprentice Alisdair Edmond for securing our prize and would like to extend that thank you to the SGE Hotel Group and the Leapark Hotel for donating such a generous and wonderful prize.