CalaChem Christmas Fundraising

19th December 2017



To finish off our year of fundraising at CalaChem we decided to have some Christmas fun as we held a Christmas Cake Sale and Christmas Raffle. We added some extra cheer by wearing Christmas jumpers.

The cake sale was held in the morning in our reception building, cakes were sold mainly for a donation and raffle tickets were sold for the Christmas raffle that would be drawn in the afternoon. The cakes that were sold were all donated by some very talented staff members (it seems we have some great bakers in CalaChem). All employees on site got involved in the cake sale with some plant staff buying a box of cakes to take back so staff who couldn’t leave machinery etc could still join in.

Part of our Christmas fundraising day was to set up a voting station for the photography competition. All entries were reviewed by a team of independent people and the top 6 were put forward for voting by CalaChem staff. Close by was a tea and coffee stand where staff could pick up and tea or coffee to enjoy with their cake. While here they would look through the top photo entries and vote on a winner.

This event gave staff the opportunity to meet up in a neutral location away from offices, desks, plants etc and spent 5-10 minutes having a catch up or a chat before the Christmas break, something that everyone very much enjoyed.

The raffle was drawn in the afternoon, prizes for the raffle were sourced by the fundraising team and donated by various members of staff.

At last count on the day we raise approximately £700 between the photo competition, the cake sale and the raffle. This will be added to the total from the previous events.

Keep an eye out in 2018 for the final amount we raised and where it will be donated to.