Our History

The Grangemouth Site was founded in 1919 by textile businessman James Morton (1867 – 1943) as Scottish Dyes Ltd. The site grew from 1928 under the ownership of ICI, Britain’s once most powerful chemical group and over succeeding years the product range was diversified from dyestuffs and pigments into pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and other specialties such as Biocides and Paint additives.

The site became part of Zeneca in 1993 and in 1999 Zeneca Specialties Business was acquired by a venture capital consortium to form the leading Bioscience Company Avecia.   At around the same time a portion of the site was to become part of Syngenta.

Avecia began the sale of it’s portfolio businesses in 2004 and in September 2005 KemFine a Finnish based fine chemical company acquired Avecia Fine Chemicals Limited. In 2010 Munich based industrial holding company Aurelius AG acquired KemFine UK Ltd, and from January 2011 the new company has traded under the name of CalaChem Ltd.