SHE / Our Policy

CalaChem has a strong reputation for corporate responsibility and this is based on a long term good performance and a compliance culture.

Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) issues are a corporate priority of utmost importance in all CalaChem’s operations.

CalaChem operates a quality management system which is registered to international quality management standards (e.g. ISO9001 and ISO 14001).  A core aspect of these systems is reflecting customer needs and ensuring continuous improvement. We are regularly audited by customers and regulatory authorities alike.

In CalaChem, we strive not to harm anyone, annoy or alarm our neighbours and minimize our impact to the environment.  We have a goal to eliminate all injuries.  We provide our customers with high-quality products and services.   All businesses, functions and employees throughout the Company are required to comply with this policy.

As members of the UKs Chemical Industries Association, this company manages all aspects of its activities so that we provide a high level of protection for the health and safety of employees and associates, customers, and the public; and for the environment. We will demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development and continual improvement by adhering to the Guiding principles of Responsible Care.