Antonine Wall

Our New Name

The choice of the name CalaChem creates an interesting historical link to our manufacturing base in Scotland and our parent company Aurelius AG. The site in Grangemouth stands near to the heart of Central Scotland on the estuary of the River Forth,  once occupied by Roman forces who came to north Britain from 80AD several times in attempts to secure this strategically important region.

Caledonia was the Latin name the Romans gave to these lands in the northern reaches of the Roman Empire; the Caledonians were the major force in Scotland.  In 142AD they returned during the time of Emperor Antoninus to construct the ‘Antonine Wall’ a 60 km defensive barrier running from the Forth in the East to the Clyde in the West. It took 10,000 men some 6 years to build, and remnants of the wall can be seen in nearby Falkirk today.  It was Antonius’ successor Emperor Aurelius who ordered a withdrawal to Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England.  Caledonia became both the historic and romantic name for Scotland as a whole – a country both proud of its varied past but modern in its outlook and aspirations.