About CalaChem

CalaChem is one of the UK’s leading fine chemical manufacturers and a key provider of services at one of Scotland’s prime chemical sites in Grangemouth.

CalaChem operates under two business units:

Custom Manufacturing  utilising its well-equipped fine chemicals manufacturing plants

Services including utilities, effluent treatment, facilities management and property management to companies on the Grangemouth manufacturing site as well as the adjacent Earls Gate Park.

CalaChem became an independent company on 19th November 2010 following the acquisition of KemFine UK Ltd by AURELIUS AG.

AURELIUS AG is an industrial holding with a long-term investment horizon focusing on the acquisition of companies with potential for development. AURELIUS has some longstanding investment and management experience in various industries. By applying management capacities and the necessary funding for investments in innovative products, distribution and research AURELIUS constantly advances its portfolio companies. With offices in Munich and London as well as 15 portfolio companies in Germany, UK, France, Ireland, Poland, the Netherlands and Switzerland, AURELIUS operates throughout Europe. The shares of AURELIUS AG are traded on the open market of the Frankfurt stock exchange (ISIN: DE000A0JK2A8). For more information please visit: www.aureliusinvest.com